Short Fiction


Blue Lions (w/ Ron Gorton)
Finite Heart (w/ Barbara Chepaitis)--Optioned
Full Pursuit (w/ Barbara Chepaitis)
The Hunted
High Steel (w/ Barbara Chepaitis)
Landfill (w/ Barbara Chepaitis)
The Last Crazy Man (w/ Barbara Chepaitis)
Love Calls (w/ Barbara Chepaitis)
Machine Dreams
On A Pale Horse
Whispers of White (w/Ron Gorton)--Produced


Finite Heart (w/ Barbara Chepaitis)

Cable Docudrama

Outreach (15 minute video written and produced for Laurel Cablevision)  I also acted in it.


I wrote one piece for Public Radio International (PRI) entitled Searching For Life.


Finite Heart (w/ Barbara Chepaitis)
Machine Dreams
Hucksters of Holiness (line editor), published by Bart Books


Invisible Friends: A Boy and His Dog, Some Fish, a Few Monkeys and the Damn Aliens, Absolute Magnitude, Spring 2001, Smashwords 9/10, Anthology Builder 9/10

Short Stories

Forever Yours, Read Me (Winter 1989)
Sprain Brook, Plot Magazine (Issue #1, 1994)
Cold and Bitter Dish, Eternity Online
Fallow Fields, Shadowsword (Issue #6, Spring 1995), Mind’s Eye Fiction (Online)
Call Me Tandeleho, Transversions (2000)
Master of Butterflies, Realities Escape
Mr. Zmith Goes to Washington, Future Washington Anthology (2005)
Greenings Earthers!, The First Night Times, (2004)


Fly Right, Electric Velocipede (Issue #1, Fall 2001)
Fire Hills, Electric Velocipede (Issue #1, Fall 2001)


Whoopie Pies, Serve It Forth: Cooking with Anne McCaffrey, Warner books, ISBN 0-446-67161-4, $12.99, Science Fiction Book Club
The Creation of Re-Creation, The Alliterative Argentus, Issue #5, 2005
The Writer’s Dictionary, Housewife-Writer’s Forum, Issue #7
How to Really Find Time To Write, Housewife-Writer’s Forum, Issue #9
The Bare Truth About the “R” Word, Housewife-Writer’s Forum, Issue #10
True Confessions (of a Househusband), Housewife-Writer’s Forum, Issue #11
How To Write Reviews, Just Write, Issue #4
It’s All in Your Head, Nightmare Express, Issue #4
Rejection: A Cautionary Tale, Small Press Writers and Artists Organization Newsletter (V10#5)
What to Write, Small Press Writers and Artists Organization Newsletter (V11#4)
Reading VS Writing, SF and Fantasy Workshop (V8#85)
How to Get a Reviewer to Look at Your Book, Spilled Candy (V2#6)
A Writer’s Dictionary, Virginia Romance Writer’s (May 1989)
The Write Time, The Writer’s Alliance Newsletter (Winter 88/89)


A Little Haze and Distant Thunder, Science Fiction Review (#6-10) Short Fiction)
Book Reviews, Heliocentric Net (V2#3-V4#4)
Books, Pulsar (#17-18) Books
Cranked Up, Pirate Writings (#15-16) Opinion
DamnAliens DVD Reviews, SFRevu (Internet) DVD
Dead Man's Chest, Fantastic (#19-21) Books
Far Haze and Distant Thunder, Absolute Magnitude (#6-12) Short Fiction
Far Haze and Distant Thunder, Science Fiction Chronicle ((#207-262) Short Fiction
In Review, Keen Science Fiction (#4-12) Books
Into the Twilight, Dreams of Decadence, (#2, 12) Books
Off The Shelf, Summa Nulla (#1-2) Books
Reading in Freefall, Zero Gravity Freefall (#0-2) Books
Reviews, Dubious Matters,  Books
Reviews, Knightmares, Books
Sawicki Reviews, Heliocentric Network Newsletter (#2-20) Books
Skeptic Tank, Scavenger's Newsletter (#57-206) Small Press
Turning the Pages/Arboreal Reconstruction, Midnight Zoo (V3#7-V3#11) Books
Video, Sci-fi Talk (V1#6-V2#1) video
Video Review Column, The Blood Review (#1, #2) Video
Video Review Column, Movie Club (#3-6) Video
Voices of the Imagination/Signals From A Cross-Dimensional Intersection, Between Dimensions,  (V1#2 through #4) Books
Zines for Writers, SF and Fantasy Workshop, Zines for Writers, (V9#102-V16#185) Magazines

Individual Reviews

Age of Wonder
Bloodsongs (#2)
Cinefantastique (11/95, 7/96)
The Equinox (#3, May 1994)
Fantasy Commentator (#44)
Gumshoe (www.gumshoe.com)
Heliocentric Net (V2#1, #2)
Market News
Middle Georgia Webzine
Midnight Zoo (V1 #3, V2 #3, V3 #3, V3 #6)
OtherRealms (#25, 26, 29, 30)
Pulsar (#13)
Quantum (#36-40, 42)
Science Fiction Review (V1#2, V1#3, V2#5)
SciFi Talk
Sense of Wonder
SFRevu (Print)(V2#3, V2#7, V3#2)
SFRevu (www.sfrrevu.com)
SF Site
Tangent (#20/21)
Thrust (#34)
2AM (#12-20)