I'm not an actor.  Not even close.  Nor, do I really want to be one.  But, every once in a while I find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time and bam, there I am, on screen.  The first time it happened was because I had written, produced and directed a short feature for local cable and we just ran short of actors.  It didn't help that we were trying to find an actor to, essentially, play me.  So, that was the first big role for me.

The second happened when I was producing a 15 second commercial I had written for a local CBS television channel.  We had pretty much shot the thing as written but then decided that one more, really brief scene was needed and, since I was standing right there, bam, again.

Then, one day I am sitting at my desk, about 6:00 PM, just finishing up work when the phone rings and a producer friend says I have to immediately come to this restaurant to help him because he's short an actor and he needs me.  All I have to do is stand there.  Turns out that was not all I had to do and I ended up having to do an impromptu testimonial.

Then I got ambush interviewed in Florida when I was attending a convention.  That interview ended up all over the web.  Click below.


I've learned though.  Just this past September I worked on a production of Her Tell Tale Heart because they needed some help and managed to avoid getting on camera all together.  So, maybe my brief acting career is over.

The commercials are below.  Point.  Click.  Enjoy.

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